Our Services

Commodity Trading

E&T Minerals prides itself in being well versed in identifying and securing key resources sought by our clients from a large network of reputable dependable producers. If value-added beneficial services such as coal screening or crushing and washing of coal are necessary, they can be readily provided. Non-beneficiated raw materials can also be provided if need be.

Contract Management

Clients are represented and included in every step of negotiations with suppliers for all transactions including long-term purchase agreements. E&T Minerals strive to devise mutually beneficial agreements that are in the best interests of our clients and stakeholders, while bearing in mind changeable factors such as market conditions and price volatility.

Management of Performance Risk

E&T Minerals diligently assesses all business partners at every stage of the supply chain to guarantee that they have the financial capability and production capacity necessary to meet the client’s needs. All necessary measures are taken to comprehensively evaluate staff resources, equipment and skills of miners and beneficiation plants in order to ensure that the highest quality product can be pledged to clients. The financial status of counterpart purchasers is also assessed to reduce the risk.


The reliability and consistency of mineral contents is guaranteed through E&T’s thorough sampling and validation process. In the best interests of the client we make sure to obtain various samples of minerals from our producers. To confirm that all minerals are of the highest quality, they are rigorously tested at several accredited mineral laboratories. In the future, E&T aims to develop their own lab to increase the speed and efficiency of this critical process.

Logistics Management and Infrastructure

E&T Minerals can provide wholly integrated logistical solutions from coal origination at the mining site to the RBCT export terminal. This is largely due to our access to key Transnet Railway sidings. These railway sidings allow us to quote FOR prices. E&T Minerals also ensures that the trucking companies with which we partner with have sufficient and well-maintained fleets that can deliver both punctually and efficiently.