History (Timeline)

E&T was established in September 2013 and is now entering its 10th year of operations. We have taken our time in building our long-term strategy, by carefully selecting and scrutinising potential long-term partnerships. We have sort out partners with a long-term, stable vision, who will help us achieve our goals of steady and profitable growth and eventual market dominance.

For the past few years E&T has focused on short-term trading that would eventually fund our long term objectives of sustainable energy solutionsand developing long-term trading channels. Over the years, we have forged relationships with companies that have long-term and sustainable projects.

E&T executed a transaction with Nucoal and Sappi securing Nucoal as a preferred supplier for Sappi Paper, the contract term was from 2013 to 2014.

E&T will also continue to seek new opportunities in trading minerals other than coal. As a result of our partnership with the Royal Bafokeng, which has yielded unexplored land with chrome deposits, the company's chrome desk looks set to be fully established within the next 18 - 24 months. We envisage creating a consistent trading platform for chrome, iron ore, copper and manganese in Southern Africa to diversify our revenue mix, in line with our ESG objectives(Refer to the ESG section). Discussions are already underway for the company to trade out of the port of Maputo, while discussions are in the early stages about a coal offtake agreement in Tanzania. These access to new trading routes will help scale our export revenue overall.

Royal Bafokeng
The Royal Bafokeng is the ethnic homeland of the Bafokeng people, a Setswana-speaking traditional community. The monarchy covers 1,000 square kilometers (390 sq mi) in the North West Province of South Africa. The capital is Phokeng, near Rustenburg. "Bafokeng" is used to refer to both the tribal grouping as well as the land its members inhabit. E&T has entered into an agreement with a clan of the Bafokeng community to develop and mine land which is known to have chrome deposits. The exploration and development of the mine will be mainly funded from the company’s retained earnings, with the aim of breaking ground in 2024.

Target Capital Structure
E&T has historically been shareholder and internally funded, with very little debt financing. The company’s humble roots and family centric ideals have been the corner stone of its 9-year history. As the company grew over the years, both in staff complement and trade volumes, we’ve had to reassess the our capital structure in order to maintain the growth of the company, In line with the strategic shift in operations, we’ve become open to accepting external investment, and are flexible in both debt & equity financing.

Ideal Investor Profile
E&T envisions working with an investor who recognizes the unique long term opportunities that lie in sub-saharan Africa. As a young and motivated team, we envision working with investors that not only offer capital resources, but also offer expertise in the core operations of the company. Our dynamic team has gained multitudes of knowledge and experience over the past decade, and will continue to do so indefinitely.

E&T executed a cooperation agreement with a German multinational commodity trading firm to build their domestic coal desk, E&T and the firm:

- Moved 600 000Mts domestically to various local trading houses.
- Managed to sign contracts with Lafarge cement, Saphakhu Cement and brought on a domestic partner by the name of AMR Mining as a domestic supplier, increasing the trading firm's’ volumes by 40%.
- Secured an additional 200 000mts in the same year for the trading firm's export market business.
- Managed to close an export trade between the firm's and Dubai Cement manufacturer Farujah Cement.
- Signed full off take for small Optimum pit (Kroomdraai) securing 250 000mt of supply for the firm and AMR, respectively.


- E&T contracted with Anglo Coal for 640 000 Mts of supply, selling the secured material to Glencore South Africa.
- Signed supply contract with Vitol with for 5500 Kcal material as well as 4800 Kcal material from Liketh Investments and other smaller Junior miners in the Witbank area (through Burgh Group Holdings).
- Supplied AMR Mining with the 5-seam material from Government mine Vlakfontein (AEMFC). Held this contract for 6-8 months.
- Signed supply contract for 420 000 mt of 4800 kcal material with Jindal Africa (Pty) Ltd supplying them material from a Junior miner.


- Increased staff complement within E&T, to enable us to run more efficiently and prepare us for bigger transactions.
- Raised working capital funding for a coal mine in Ermelo Namely (La Brie coal Mine) securing 1.2million tons offtake from the mine. We have secured an end buyer for the entire asset’s life of mine.


- E&T secured funding for two existing coal mines to the combined value of R80 million and backed by its trading expertise helped create a coal marketing platform with a minimum capacity of 400 000 mt per annum.


- E&T secured a long term coal sale agreement (FOB) with Swiss based commodities trading company Riverdale AG. Furthermore, E&T signed on to mine and market a Northwest chrome mine owned by the Royal Bafokeng Family.
- E&T also expanded its social investment portfolio and has completed building a 4IR technology centre at Tsiki Naledi Secondary School in Hendrina. We did this in partnership with a German tech company, Software AG.

- Our first maiden vessel
a. 75mt vessel
b. Richards Bay Multi-Purpose Terminal
c. Quality: RB1
- Securing 8 million tons of mineable and exportable coal through the formation of a joint venture with an experienced local junior miner.
- Securing coal sale agreements with two sectors of the market, European power generation and European coal trading, securing long term agreements for the next 12 months with a sales projection of over 1.1 million tons in this period.
- Contracted for throughputs at the Multi Purpose Terminal (MPT) in Richards Bay.
- Joint venture with stakeholders at Maiden Wharf terminal at the Durban Port securing approximately 150 000t to be moved between MPT and Durban Port respectively before end January 2023.