Our Competitive Advantage

Blue-chip Clients:

E&T Minerals' portfolio includes a number of listed and non-listed blue-chip companies. These blue-chip clients, along with the other companies in E&T’s portfolio, have been very eager to sign medium-to long-term contracts with the company.

Access To High Quality Resources:

The local knowledge of E&T's management team and years of experience in the natural resources sector has allowed us to build strong relationships with solid blue-chip producers. Though these producers rarely sell to the public, they are committed to working with E&T and supporting us with various grades of commodities required by our clients because of these close partnerships.

Understanding Of Junior Miners:

E&T is deeply embedded in Southern Africa's mining investment arena and thus has an understanding of where the newest supply will come from. The larger sector of the commodities community particularly appreciates this depth of knowledge as it allows them to plan better for future resources.

Value-Added Service Offering:

Unlike many traders E&T Minerals is willing to get involved in mineral beneficiation. Traders who do not deal directly with this kind of work can only offer FOT prices on-site. E&T, on the other hand create greater value for their clients while improving their own profitability by providing beneficiation solutions.

Ethics & Enterprise Development:

Ethics are the cornerstone of all of E&T Minerals' transactions. E&T aims to become one of the leading African companies and as such; build sustainable and stable solutions.