We service various listed and non-listed blue-chip companies, who have signed medium-to long-term contracts with us.

E&T Minerals aims to be an example for African and international companies by providing responsible and ethical services while adhering to international best practices.
Each transaction is strengthened by four key ethical values:

We value the professional relationships that we have with our stakeholders; therefore we are fully committed to delivering consistent and high-quality service to our clients and to being reliable partners.

Our efficiency relates to our response rate to the requirements of our stakeholders; we are determined to ensure that we deliver the right quality products with correct quantities as per our clients' requests.

Our excellence lies in managing the end-to-end distribution processes to ensure the goods sought are delivered on time and that, all participants in our distribution chain deliver according to our client's expectations.

Total transparency is crucial in all our operations; this means we are fully committed to communicating openly with all our stakeholders about every detail of the transactions in which we are involved.

Our client base extends across a range of industries, from steel manufacturers and paper mills to power generators and multinational commodity traders. The team is expert in identifying and securing key resources sought by our clients from a large network of reputable producers.

The majority of E&T’s coal exports in 2020 were facilitated by one of the biggest commodity traders in the world. The coal was exported to India, South Africa's biggest export destination. Demand from our offshore clients is growing as their countries recover from the pandemic's economic lows.

E&T’s management team is building an African business with global appeal. We extract value from the continent’s rich natural resources while pledging efficiency, reliability, excellence and transparency in our service to our customers.

We are expanding our business and seeking to acquire a coal mining asset (“Target Asset”). The immediate goal is to create and manage a pit-to-port solution that is economically feasible, profitable and seamless. We intend to manage the Target Asset in a way that ensures maximum productivity, creates employment and services the local communities. At the same time, it will service Eskom's need for coal for effective power generation in South Africa as well as that of other local consumers. The Target Asset will also export coal to boost the South African economy and encourage investment into South Africa.