Introducing E&T Minerals’ Future Goals, Vision and the Team!

Johannesburg, South Africa

01 June 2020

7 years ago Emmanuel Ngulube and Daniel Eyre formed E&T Minerals with the ambition of building a reputable black owned minerals trading and brokerage house. During that founding year, E&T partnered with a German trading company, HMS Bergbau and entered into a cooperative agreement to build HMS’s South African domestic coal desk. During this period, Emmanuel and Daniel developed and nurtured relationships that would later take E&T forward in the future. E&T developed and improved their ability to access markets by tapping into the domestic coal market and end-user coal supply. This proved to the coal market E&T’s ability to utilise their access to market information, their understanding of market requirements and the ability to find end-to-end coal supply chain solutions to create value for their clients.

During that period, E&T staked their claim as bona fide coal traders. In order to upscale the company, Emmanuel and Daniel needed to expand the team with complimentary skills to match E&T’s growth aspirations. The new team has strong managerial, legal, financial and technical capabilities, as well as the personal commitment that is required to address the constant flow of business opportunities throughout the continent as well as global opportunities.

Mnweba Gobodo, Head of Legal at E&T Minerals says,“We all came on to fulfil certain roles which we knew were lacking in the company; for instance I came on to build all the legal infrastructure in the company. All our trades had been dependent on other parties providing us with contracts or dictating trade terms or their system of conducting trades, so we wanted to bring all of that in-house. All the legal paperwork and structuring of the deals came through the legal desk which created a more streamline system of regulating the terms of the trades”.

E&T also onboarded Fuzile Nondumo and Rolihlahla Sikiti as its business development heads and traders, Louis Nkuna as site management, who had originally worked with the team during the HMS Bergbau era, to manage the onsite operations of each trade so as to alleviate pressure on our head traders. This enabled our traders to focus on bringing in transactions that would enable E&T to extend its reach from being a domestic player to also solidifying its long term position within the global coal market.

Between 2018 and now, it has been E&T’s goal to build an entity with a long term pipeline, efficient systems and sound corporate governance. Currently, the team is made up of eleven members comprising of finance, legal and compliance, business operations, business development, admin and information and communications technology departments.

Mr Gobodo further explains the reason behind the rebranding of the organization, “We have rebranded our corporate image, solidified old and new strategic partnerships and commenced implementation of our long-term vision for the company. We have been innovative and focused on measures aimed at securing a recognition in the supply of coal and to continue to ensure that the relationships that we have built are strengthened, nurtured, and maintained. It is this and our passion and commitment to the growth of the business that has enabled us to secure the pipeline that we have built over the last seven years and which is going to successfully lead us into the next fifteen to thirty years, and that is E&T’s primary goal: longevity, not only in the coal space but ultimately in the greater minerals and energy space as a whole, on the continent and global. We have structured our relationship with partners to sustain longevity as they have the technical and historical experience with a proven track record within the industry.”

E&T has started identifying issues in the communities they operate within and are taking early proactive measures to help resolve them.

“We are based in Witbank and Middleburg and understand that our business is based in communities that depend on, or are affected by the operations that we are part of. Our community-based structures, in terms of our social responsibility to the communities that we operate in and the families within those communities, we have already started building those structures and have started rolling out plans to implement them. Whilst we go through this trajectory that we are in; we are confident that we can start implementing structures like WIFI in the communities and fixing sports and recreation centers.”

With the current Covid-19 pandemic, we are acutely aware that some children in Witbank and Middleburg cannot afford e-Learning or lack the necessary devices and tools. These are the areas we plan on tackling now. As a snapshot and overview this is where E&T is currently.

We’re driven and committed with a strong growth trajectory ahead of us. We are confident, experienced, we know the coal market and this is the perfect time for us to stake our claim on the South African Coal Market, the Continent and the Globe” said the company’s Head of Legal.

Introducing the team

Emmanuel Ngulube, Commercial Director

Emmanuel Ngulube is the commercial director of E&T Minerals, tasked with sales, marketing and business development. Working for many years as a leading yellow goods trader, Emmanuel has an extensive network within the mining industry and also an excellent understanding of the processes of the domestic commodities markets.

Daniel Eyre, General Manager

Daniel Eyre serves as E&T’s General Manager and has been a director in the company since 2014. Daniel’s experience ranges from construction, I.T. and logistics management, equipping him with an excellent on-the-ground knowledge in working with fertiliser, manganese, and coal logistics. Daniel has built his network within the mining industry and ensures E&T maintain best practices in the industry.

Fuzile Nondumo, Chief Operations Officer

Fuzile Nondumo has been a director at E&T Minerals since 2018 and currently serves as the companies Chief Operations Officer. He studied Law at the University of Port Elizabeth. Raised by entrepreneurial parents he gained a wealth of experience working in his families businesses which ranged from retail, service stations, bottle-stores, property development to cattle farming. In 2011 he entered the Commodities Trading market trading various commodities such as coal, chrome, iron ore, copper and gold. In 2014 he made a decision to focus solely on coal.

Mnweba Gobodo, Head of Legal

Mnweba Gobodo has been a director at E&T since 2018 and currently serves as the company’s Heads of Legal. He graduated with his LLB from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2014 and completed his articles at Hewu Attorneys achieving admission into the High Court of SA in 2016. Mnweba is a non-practising attorney with practical experience in both commercial law and commercial litigation.

Reshma Moopanar, Head of Compliance

Reshma is a qualified, admitted non-practicing attorney with several years of litigation and commercial experience as a practicing attorney. She has corporate experience at managerial level in the logistics and mining sector with skills and expertise in legal, compliance and corporate governance.

Moeketsi Mahlaku CA(SA), Chief Financial Officer

Moeketsi Mahlaku serves as E&T’s Chief Financial Officer, tasked with managing the company’s finances. Moeketsi holds a BAcc Sci, HDipp in Accounting Sciences from the University of the Witwatersrand and is a CA(SA), having completed his articles at PWC, where he worked in the Energies, Utilities and Mining division.

Louis Modau Nkuna, Site Manager

Louis Nkuna has served as E&T Minerals Site Manager since 2016. Louis entered the coal industry in 2013. He worked for HMS as a site manager for several years before joining the E&T team. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Tshwane South College.

Rolihlahla Sitiki, Head of Business Development

Rolihlahla Sikiti has served as a director at E&T since 2018 and is currently the Head of Business Development. He studied Bachelor of Business Administration at Midrand Graduate Institute. Rolihlahla worked in sales and marketing department at British American Tobacco SA before joining the E&T management team.
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Note for Editors
E&T Minerals is a South Africa based commodity brokerage and trading house. The company trades a variety of commodities but has a specific focus on the origination and placement of coal. The team also has experience with commodities such as chrome, iron ore, manganese, niobium and antimony, among other valuable commodities.
Founding partners Emmanuel Ngulube and Daniel Eyre bring a deep knowledge of African commodities, logistics and business practices to the firm. Both partners also have a wide network of long-established contacts with key players in the region.
E&T is a fast-growing company with big ambitions and a drive to succeed. The passion to build a strong and sustainable global business is backed by several key fundamentals that drive E&T’s competitive advantage:
P O P U L A R  P O S T S
Introducing E&T Minerals Future Goals
7 years ago Emmanuel Ngulube and Daniel Eyre formed E&T Minerals with the ambition of building a reputable black owned minerals trading and brokerage house.